Drug Addiction & Alcoholism

Drug detoxification takes care off removing toxins from the body but it does nothing to handle the social troubles which got the person into drugs in the first place. This is where rehab and post-rehab counseling comes in. Once the person’s blood system is free of drugs, rehab begins the process of handling the behavorial troubles afflicting the addict. There are various ways to go about this step; each case needs to be treated in a specific, customized manner. This is where Fast Addiction Helpline comes in. Our goal is to make sure you find the best rehab treatment centre to combat the addiction troubling the person. Call us now free of charge and we will gladly discuss the various options possible to treat the addiction.

How does addiction start?

Commonly, a person will experiment with drugs and/or alcohol as a recreational activity, out of boredom, peer pressure or to escape what is happening in life at that moment. The moment the person uses drugs as an escape from reality due to the overwhelming feelings they have in life is when the person becomes trapped in drugs and/or alcohol because this will be the solution for their problems.

For instance, you have a young man that is shy with girls and lacks confidence. He has trouble communicating which makes it hard for him to talk to or even meet girls. This doesn’t allow him to approach them to initiate a conversation, at dances he is too shy to ask a girl to dance, and many other similar situations. He gets pressured into having a couple of beers before the dance and suddenly he has the confidence to ask a girl to dance. At that moment he has found a solution to build his confidence and take away his shyness. This is the beginning and now he will turn to drugs and/or alcohol to “have fun”. Later in life he is now grown, married and has a conflict with his wife. The solution is to go and get drunk due to his inability to communicate properly. Again, his solution will be alcohol or drugs instead of talking about the problem with his wife. Sadly, alcohol and/or drugs will be the solution to many of his daily problems and unfortunately this will only create more problems, more overwhelming situations, which causes an addiction cycle. I am certain you have seen this type of example at some time in your life. This applies to any addiction.

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