Detox Centers

When an addict decides to start a drug-free life, the first step on the road to recovery is Drug Detox. Oxford dictionnary defines Drug Detoxification in the following manner: Medical treatment of an alcoholic or drug addict involving abstention from drink or drugs until the bloodstream is free of toxins.

Ontario Addiction Helpline is free of charge and can help you determine:

  • What type of detox treatment is most efficient for any specific addiction.
  • What precautions are needed to safely go through drug detox.
  • Where to go in order to receive customized detox assistance.

Drug and Alcohol detox is a program that helps an individual get through the withdrawal of the chemicals they are using. This does not handle dependancy; it simply takes the person off the drugs they have been consuming. Depending on the drugs the addict was using, they might need a different kind of detox program.

First, there is the conventional detox program. It is for people who have a drug addiction that does not have a risk for seizures and serious physical hazard. There are different ways to do this step.

Second, there is the medical detox program. This is for people who are at risk for seizures if they stop using the drug suddenly. For instance, alcohol when used on a daily basis, certain psychotropic medications, opiate based drugs can be dangerous if stopped suddenly.

Refer to someone with medical knowledge in order to help you. Do not decide on your own what should be done. Detox is an hazardous step on the road to recovery and needs to be executed carefully.

The information above does not stand for any medical advice, as there are a lot of factors affecting what kind of treatment someone might need.

Detox is only one step and does not replace rehabilitation. It will not cure dependency on drugs but it is the only step where someone is safely taken off the drug they are abusing. In addition, detox should not be confused with Biophysical Treatment. The latter means taking care of the drug toxins that remain stored in fat cells. It is done to eliminate the possibility of cravings for such drugs. Biophysical treatment, done after detox, helps the individual get rid of the addiction and the various symptoms attached to long term drug use.

As previously stated, each addiction case needs a customized treatment; there is no set formula in order to detox an individual.

Fast Addiction Helpline is free of charge and will try to help you get through detox no matter what the situation is.